Wolf Jockey
A rare, hostile mob that has a 1% chance of spawning. It can only be found in PE and PS4.
Health Points: Baby Zombie
20HP (10x Heart)

8HP (4x Heart)

Attack Strength: Easy
4HP (2x Heart)

6HP (3x Heart)

8HP (4x Heart)

Drops: 0–2 Rotten Flesh, potatoes (rarely), Iron Ingots (rarely), and carrots (rarely)
Location: Light level >7, on a solid block
First Appearance: 0.11.0 build 1


Wolf jockeys are very rare Mobs. Like most other "jockey" mobs, they are only found in Minecraft: Pocket Edition. They consist of a baby zombie riding a Wolf.


The baby zombie is in control of the wolf, so these mobs are hostile towards players, and no actions can stop one from being hostile (outside Creative mode).


Unlike some other jockeys, wolf jockeys have nothing which makes them particularly hard to deal with, besides having to deal with two mobs at once. The wolf doesn't have any special abilities. Therefore, almost any method used to kill regular mobs is sufficient, including Swords, Bows, harming Potions (for the wolf) and healing potions (for the baby zombie).

Dog jockey

There is a slight chance that a baby zombie will start riding a tamed wolf, making a dog jockey. The dog jockey won't chase players, but the baby zombie will still attack if they are in close proximity.


  • Wolf jockeys originally spawned due to a bug, but were later intentionally added to the game as part of update 0.14.0.


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