Wolf Jockey
A rare, hostile mob that has a 1% chance of spawning. It can only be found in PE.
Health Points: Baby Zombie
20HP (10x Heart)

8HP (4x Heart)

Attack Strength: Easy
4HP (2x Heart)

6HP (3x Heart)

8HP (4x Heart)

Drops: 0–2 rotten flesh, a potato, an iron ingot, and a carrot
Location: Light level >7, on a solid block
First Appearance: 0.11.0 build 1

[view][talk] Wolf Jockeys are very rare mobs only found in PE. They used to spawn due to a bug before intentionally being added to the game in 0.14.0 on PE.


Because of the Baby Zombie riding the Wolf, the Wolf will be hostile towards one immediately, and no actions can stop it from being hostile, besides being in creative mode.


Wolf Jockeys, unlike some other jockeys, have nothing that make it particularly hard to deal with besides making one deal with two mobs at a time, as the Wolf doesn't have any special abilities. Because of this, almost any method used to kill regular mobs is considerable, including swords, bows, harming potions (for the Wolf) and healing potions, (for the Baby Zombie) etc. Use a killing method that one can easily use, as that will quickly eliminate the Wolf Jockey with no problem.


  • This jockey, along with the Ocelot Jockey, the Cow Jockey, the Zombie Jockey, the Mooshroom Jockey, the Pig Jockey and the Sheep Jockey are exclusive to PE.

Dog Jockey

There is a slight chance that a Baby Zombie will start riding a tamed Wolf, making the Dog Jockey possible. The Dog Jockey won't chase one, but the Baby Zombie will still harm one when one gets too close.

IMG 20150712 120627

A Dog Jockey sitting down.

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