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For the wooden slab that is technically a stone slab, see Slab.

Wooden Slabs are a half-block made entirely of any kind of Wood (match type). Slabs are decorative blocks that can make houses or structures look better. They can be used as a longer alternative to Stairs, as The Player and mobs automatically walk on the top of half-blocks without jumping. They can also be used as an alternative to Fences, as you can create a one-and-a-half hit-box similar to fences by placing a slab on top of a regular block. Top-based slabs can support blocks on thir top side. Like Glowstone, Redstone placed on top of a slab cannot power a redstone wire diagonally downwards, but can be powered by that redstone wire. It also does not obstruct redstone currents in the way that solid blocks do. Wooden slabs can also be used as fuel for furnaces, smelting 3/4 of an operation.


Wooden Slab Recipe

Wooden Slabs are crafted with 3 wood Planks of the same variety in a horizontal line. This always creates 6 wooden slabs.


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