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Zombie Doctor is an achievement for Minecraft that requires the player to throw a Splash Potion of Weakness at a Zombie Villager, then press the right trigger on it with a Golden Apple in the player's hand in order to initialize the healing process, and finally the Zombie Villager will turn back into a regular Villager after 2-5 minutes. It is advisable to build a sort of 'prison' around the Zombie Villager with Iron Bars and a Bed since it will shorten the amount of time it takes for the Villager to be cured by about 4%[1], speeding the process by 4.8-12 seconds. This achievement is only available on the Xbox, PlayStation, and Windows 10 Editions.

Methods to obtain the Zombie Doctor achievement

  1. Follow the strategy given in the description. To make sure the process is successful, trap the Zombie Villager in a small chamber protected from the sun. Using a chamber with Iron Bars and a Bed will speed the process up.
  2. Use a bow (enchantments don't have any effect, but Fire Aspect is advised against) to shoot a Tipped Arrow of Weakness on the Zombie Villager. As in the previous strategy, trap the affected Zombie Villager in a chamber protected from the sun. This strategy has its advantages in that the Tipped Arrow only affects the target, whereas Splash Potions of Weakness can affect the thrower if the target is close enough. However, the effect of the Arrow does not last as long as the Splash Potion, so being quick is recommended. Trapping the Villager Zombie in water, once the potion and Golden Apple have been applied, will allow the Zombie Villager to remain undamaged by the sun. However, it will take longer for the Zombie Villager to turn into a Villager.


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